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Loft conversions in Enfield

Rooftop Rooms offices are located in Enfield and since our incorporation in 2004 we have completed countless conversions throughout the Enfield area.

The London borough of Enfield also incorporates the areas of Winchmore Hill, Southgate, Oakwood, Hadley Wood, Grange Park, Palmers Green, Bush Hill Park, Cockfosters, Arnos Grove, Crews Hill & Edmonton.

Enfield is a diverse borough in London known for its mix of architectural styles. In the town centre, you can find a blend of modern developments alongside historic buildings, reflecting the borough’s history and growth. Enfield is home to a variety of architectural landmarks, including the Enfield Market, Forty Hall, and the New River, which features historic watercourses and picturesque landscapes. The borough also has a range of residential areas with different styles of housing, from Victorian and Edwardian terraces to more contemporary developments. Overall, Enfield’s architecture reflects its rich history and the evolution of urban planning in London.

The social economy in the London borough of Enfield is vibrant and diverse. The borough is home to a wide range of community organizations, social enterprises, and grassroots initiatives. Enfield’s social economy encompasses various areas, including community development, social services, environmental sustainability, and cultural initiatives.

The history of the London borough of Enfield is rich and varied, encompassing thousands of years of human habitation and development. The area has been inhabited since ancient times, with archaeological evidence indicating prehistoric settlements and Roman presence.

During medieval times, Enfield grew as a centre for agriculture and commerce, and its royal connections were established when it became a hunting ground for the English monarchy. The town’s market charter, granted in 1303, contributed to its economic significance.

In more recent history, Enfield experienced significant growth during the Industrial Revolution, with the expansion of manufacturing and the establishment of transportation links. This period saw the development of Enfield as a residential area, attracting a diverse population drawn to its industrial and suburban opportunities.

Enfield played a significant role during both World Wars, with its munitions factories and contribution to the war effort. After the wars, Enfield underwent further urban development, with the construction of new housing estates and the expansion of its commercial and industrial sectors.

In 1965, Enfield became a London borough as part of the creation of Greater London. Since then, the borough has continued to evolve, embracing cultural diversity and urban regeneration while preserving its historical landmarks and traditions. Today, Enfield stands as a dynamic and diverse part of London, reflecting a deep and enduring historical legacy.

If you have a property in Enfield that you would like to develop, please contact us to arrange for us to visit your property in Enfield or surrounding areas to provide our free assessment & quotation.

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